FreshDesk will be removing support for Custom Apps (FreshPlugs) within a few months.

  • 24 April 2017
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I've learned that FD is planning a UI update that will be removing support for all Custom Apps.  Apps (some? All?) from the market place will still be available, but custom ones will no longer be possible after the update.

The update will be coming in a few months, so this is a head's up for anyone (like us) that uses custom apps for integration into the other systems you may be using.

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9 replies

To clarify, you will still be able to submit apps to the marketplace, have them accepted, and then I think they can be available for use. But, if you are like us and are using the ability to create simple ones for your very specific use cases (these were referenced as FreshPlugs to me by FD support, but there aren't many references to that name in product), then you will be out of luck.

Hello Sean, 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Any Freshplugs you have installed in your account today will continue to work without any issues. We do not have any plans to remove the functionality for customers who are using it actively. 

That said, in the past few months, we have been encouraging developers to use our SDK to develop new apps going forward.  

We introduced Freshplugs in 2012 as a simple way to integrate with third party apps, and make some basic customizations. Since then, we've gone on to build our own SDK to allow developers to create their own apps on top of Freshdesk. These apps are not only more powerful than plugs, but they are also better in terms of performance and scalability. Our team has already started converting some popular plugs into apps (like parent-child ticketing) so that our customers can benefit from it. 

We are exploring the possibility of a UI revamp of Freshdesk right now. You will receive an official announcement from us if we have any updates about supporting older plugs in the new UI. Irrespective of what we decide, you will be able to switch between the old and new experience without losing any of the plugs you have setup in your account currently. 

I understand that we might not have been very clear when we communicated this to you. I apologize for any confusion we might have caused. 

Thank you for the clarification!  That's really good for us, we appreciate that this capability won't be removed.


you say "Any Freshplugs you have installed in your account today will continue to work without any issues."

What happens if I want to add one more Freshplug or edit an existing one?

Hi Thanos, 

You can continue to edit your own plugs and create new ones too. They will continue to work as long as you are able to keep them up to date. 

But keeping them up to date can be tricky. Over the past few years, we've seen several instances of plugs breaking something in Freshdesk accounts when we release new features. There is no way to avoid this because our developers do not have visibility into what kind of code was written by our customers to create their plugs, and our customers do not have visibility into how we build new features. 

With all that in mind, I would recommend that you take the effort to develop an app instead of a plug if you have something on your mind. It's the best way to make your own customizations on top of Freshdesk right now and much better in terms of performance and maintainability. 

Dear Ramesh, thanks. I like it that you plan on allowing freshplugs. The thing is that we have 10 freshplugs now, ranging from small apps with a few lines to large apps with hundreds of lines. I wouldn't be happy to have to port those into the SDK environment. I understand the risks regarding compatibility.


Freshdesk said to me that they will remove Custom Apps from end of September. What is happening?


What should I do if I want to activate the freshplugs on an account I just purchased?

In previous accounts, the option is still active, but not in the new ones.

What should I do


I have created custom App and published it to Freshdesk marketplace. How will I be able to use that App into my account as I can not see my app in the market place.