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  • 28 March 2017
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Thank you for the quick response of creating my Freshdesk account and PW.  However, I am unable to enter my account.

I received the reset your PW email, clicked on it, and it just takes me back to the same place.  What do I do the enter a new PW?

Thank you,

Madelyn Asher

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5 replies

Are you trying to link your accounts? 

Please do elaborate more, and I'll be happy to help you

I don't know what I would link it to? I am just trying to access it, which I haven't been able to do since I opened it. I'm not sure what information you need to open it, but I do know my UN and PW. They are safely written.

I meant Poloniex, not Polonier.

Please let me know what I should do. Thanks,

Madelyn Asher


Have you tried this link here -

I really don't understand it. The fact that I cannot enter my account is crazy. I tried to register again, but was told my email address was already being used. YES, by me!!

I use the

Please delete my email address from your site, if necessary, and I will try to register again. That is the only email I use for almost everything, and that is the one I want to use for this site.

Thank you. I appreciate your help,

Madelyn Asher

Hello Maddy,

Your Poloniex credentials would be different from that of the credentials that you have registered on Freshdesk. To log into Poloniex account, you may trigger a password reset on this link

Hope this helps.