Import and convert old customer Emails into tickets: BUG on date.

  • 9 May 2015
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Hi, I'm evaluating freshdesk, and planning to migrate our old manual mailbox support.

In order not to start from scratch, and have customer history, I'm evaluating migration options of our customer care mails into tickets.

I understand emails cannot be forwarded , but rather redirected to our freshdesk entry point, in order to keep original senders. (email headers)

By using thunderbird or Apple Mail, it works fine indeed : the original sender is preserved, and the customer is imported.
 there is a big bug on date : the original date is lost, and replaced by 'now' date.

I've tested to redirect an old mail to a gmail mailbox : it works fine , the date is preserved, so the bug is on freshdesk side.

How solve the problem ? 

thank you for your help

- Arnaud

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We believe this issue is being handled offline. 

We haven't heard back from you about the CSV file for migration. 

Please do write back to us so that we can help you better.