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  • 20 July 2014
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Ok so I'm wanting to check out Freshdesk, and I want to import my Zendesk data. So I go to Reports in Zendesk and download "Full XML export", which comes as a ZIP file. So in Freshdesk I enter my Zendesk details (domain, username, password), and select the ZIP file, and Freshdesk tells me it might take a few minutes, but nothing happens.

Firstly, why does Freshdesk need my Zendesk URL and password given that I'm about to give it all the info it needs in the XML files? Surely it should need either credentials or exported data, but not both?

And secondly, since I guess it doesn't like my ZIP file, what format would it like?

I'm really surprised given the nature of the Zendesk/Freshdesk competition, that there isn't more of both documentation and discussion around this feature.

I'm really wanting to get moving on this, it would be great if "it just worked"...


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3 replies

As you can easily check, there is a lot of people with problems importing from Zendesk,

and we are talking about old issues too!

As on reviews you seem to be one of the best in support, it sounds really strange that you haven't yet published a clear guide to complete process without fall in a mess.

Try to check on your forum, you give always the same answer leaving people always with the same problems, and it sounds strange also because these people is trying to migrate from a competiotr to YOU!

I totally agree with Bruce

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Though we're pretty late to react to this post, we now have an update related to the Zendesk migration. We've recently launched our marketplace with 150+ apps and Zendesk migration is available as a free app for all plans. Here's the link to the app section :


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We may be a little late with the answer, however, it may be useful for other users willing to migrate from Zendesk.

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