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  • 20 March 2017
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Hi guys,

Would it be possible a Gilab Integration?

Thank you and please!!!!:)

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9 replies

I want to know the same


Hi Freshdesk team!

Following up a bit on the Gitlab integration news. Anything?

Thank you!!

Hi Guys,

We have been in touch with Gitlab to see how we can enable the same at the earliest. We should have an integration up in the marketplace shortly.

Keep checking our twitter feed and also check on our marketplace at



Marketing Manager


That is awesome! Very happy about it!

Thank you !

This will be amazing. Thank you!


Can we have more information about this integration? And when will it be available?

This so cool Thank you.


Hi Murali,

Would you be able to give a rough indication when you'd expect this to be available and ideally also how far this integration will go?

We're currently reviewing which software packages we'll be using in future so it would be great if we have an idea of what's to come and whether we'll be able to use that.


Hey all,

Apologies. I have been actively following up with Gitlab to get this integration in order but they have not been extremely responsive. Unfortunately, I may not be able to give you a rough indication too because after their initial positive response, they pretty much did not respond at all. I shall update here the minute I hear from them. Thanks for understanding.


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