Ive just got 160 pages of spam tickets in about an hour...

  • 22 April 2019
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Please can you advise how I can quickly delete them all - rather than stepping through all the pages (news ones are being created faster than I can delete the old ones) and also how I can better set up fresh desk so that it doesn't happen again?

All the spam messages are in some russian type font/character set but the email changes every time.

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5 replies

I've set up a Dispatch'r rule as detailed here, but it's not really a fix, and only applies to new tickets coming in, not those that already exist...


I can search with a "Вот" and I can get like a thousand contacts and tickets identified, but can't do anything with that list. Sure wish there was a good solution here...

Did my comment get lost?

Same problem here... 3,000+ spam tickets from russia, but no way to mark them as spam/delete them (Okay, I COULD mark 30 at a time as spam, but that means over 100 pages of work!)

Can someone from Freshdesk please provide us with a way to clean this up?

Why do i even pay these people for support if they don't reply to these?

This is retarded... Give us some tools or fix it for us.