Length of Time User Activation Link is Active

  • 24 September 2012
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It appears that the length of time the Activation Link is valid on a new customer welcome email is about an hour. After this time, the link cannot be used activate a new customer. Can this timing be adjusted? Most of my customers are enrolled during phone support sessions and do not get to the activation email in the same day.

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13 replies

Hi Josh

We're keeping all the Activation Links/Password Links with certain timeout, but maybe you can change the User Activation Email content with an additional message saying, if the Activation EMail expires, you can obtain your Login by using the Forgot Password link or so.

We will change the timeout too.

Vijay, when will you be changing the link expiration timeout?  This should be a admin setting, not a global setting for all your customers.  One hour it too short.


Has this timeout been changed?


Just putting in my two cents worth here... I agree this should be an adjustable admin setting - not global.  In our case we need to allow for days not hours.  


Also should point out that using the password reset mechanism as a means of verification is a security flaw, not a feature.

That part should really get fixed. 

Thank you for pointing that our Mark!  My thoughts exactly.  ;)

The password reset mechanism should only send a password reset email if the Contact is already at the Verified status, otherwise the command should return an appropriate alert. 

Unfortunately this is not the case.  If I send an email to the support email for my portal requesting access, I can immediately turn around and send a "forgot password" request and "reset" my password without any intervention from the "support side".  

Hi Debbi, Pridout - I have posted a new topic about this specific issue here:




I'm new here, so I'll cut to the chase: Why is FreshDesk not addressing this issue? It is inconceivable to me that a customer should be expected to act upon an Activation Link in the span of 1 hour. What if they are in the car, in a meeting, teaching a class or doing any other number of things that would prevent them from activating their account in the tiny window of 1 hour? It is simply not standard to expect our customers to be able to respond in such a short time, and it puts a large follow-up burden on our team to resend them links, not to mention that makes our company look like we have poor systems in place.

We will begin looking for alternatives to FreshDesk. 


David Robertshaw

VP, Product Management

Three years ago Vijay said the timeout would be changed. 

Why is this not being addressed? 

Is there any update to this request?

Hello All,

The activation links triggered will be valid till the activation link is generated again for the same user.

If you guys face any issues with the links not being working, Please let us know we will be happy to help.