Let ticket fields inherit values from user

  • 28 June 2019
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I'm looking into ways to make reporting from Freshdesk as trustworthy as possible.

Imagine we have users that, at a certain point in time, work in building A and some in building B. We'd like to track how many users in building A and in building B send in support tickets.

However, users tend to switch buildings sometimes. When the user previously belonged to building A, we want the tickets created during that period to still be associated with building A - but if that same user that now works in building B creates a new ticket now, we want the ticket to be associated with building B.

We are keeping the "current building" field on the user level up to date by a Integromat (Zapier alternative that DOES support updating contacts rather than just creating them). 

Of course we could add a "Building" field to each ticket, and let our helpdesk agent manually fill in this field every time... but is there no way to let the ticket "Building" field inherit the "Building" field of the user at the time of creation?

Or any other suggestions?

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