liquid variables reference

  • 29 August 2016
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 Is there any liquid variables reference for Freshdesk? I mean like this one for Shopify Couldn't find it so far. Thanks!

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5 replies

If you are talking about the forum you can see  FreshThemes Guide / Introduction to Liquid
Most related to your link is the section FreshThemes Guide /
Dynamic Placeholders

/ Managing User Access

Placeholders are also supported in a lot of other places in Freshdesk, from Apps to Canned Responses and Notifications.

Thanks, what I needed was exactly portal.user.is_agent, that was in the list you linked. I solved my issue. Best!


Is the variable list incomplete? I can't find for example. Is it possible to have online a complete list in one single page? It would be very simple and helpful!


Sorry but I do not know. Maybe someone from Freshdesk could help there.


ok, thanks a lot for your help!