Prevention of autoreply wars

  • 28 June 2016
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We just experienced a case where our helpdesk and the helpdesk of a partner company got into an autoreply war ( i.e. we forwarded a ticket to them, their helpdesk responded by creating a new ticket and sending a new ticket notification, we responded to it by creating a new ticket and sending a new ticket notification and so on ).

We believe that in the 'Edit Contact' page there should be an option saying "Do not send a New Ticket Created Requester Notification". This can be used, as a last resort, when you get involved in such a case.

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1 reply

A great suggestion I got from Freshdesk support was this:

Set up a Dispatch'r rule with the condition set
as 'Requester Email' 'Contains' [your partner's domain name], and action
set as 'Skip New Ticket Email Notifications' (screenshot below, for
your reference)


Apart from the above suggestion by Freshdesk, one can also use another Dispatch'r rule with the conditions ( in Match ANY of the below ) set
as 'Description' 'Contains' [This is an automated message] + 'Description' 'Contains' [Your Ticket has been received and a member of our team will review it and reply accordingly.]  + ..., and action
set as 'Delete the Ticket'

Note that Dispatch'r rule are evaluated in turn and first match wins ( meaning that once the conditions of a rule are fulfilled, the actions of that rule are executed and no further rules are evaluated ).