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  • 14 April 2014
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We have moved our articles from our own forum (ie to freshdesk (with a CNAME

This was about one month ago.

Now, we have completely disappeared from Google where we used to be in the first page for a lot of searches.

Do you know what's happening, and a good way to improve the results?

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9 replies

It would take a few days for Google to bring your new articles in the search results, but this should not really take a month's time. Try below:

1) Permanent redirect your old forum at to

2) Link the new Freshdesk articles in in your sitemap at For example, have "CloudAnywhere Updates"in your sitemap and link it to, "CloudAnywhere documentation" linked to etc

The more links you have on your website pointing to the new section, the faster Google discovers and ranks them. You should soon get your articles ranked higher.  


the problem is still here. No pages that we place in the solution area gets correctly indexed by Google.

For example, search in Google : exchange and lync provisioning

This page should be in the first page since a long time and it's not here:

It has been created 8 months ago.

And it is into our sitemap:

But it does not exist in the google indexes ( search exchange and lync provisioning

Last week, we have created another page, but this time we have created it into our institutional site and 10 days later it is in the position 4 in google with the same keywords:

We have invested in Freshdesk and decided to place our documentation and content here.

But apparently Google refuses to index content we place here and this is going to kill our business.

We need a solution to get indexed correctly or to be able to migrate our content outside of freshdesk. Do you have a tool to export the content we have created here?


Same problem here. None of our articles are indexed. This is a big issue.

Update. I have solved this by registering in Google Webmaster. You will need to add Google Analytics tracking code to your FreshDesk account in order to verify ownership of your subdomain.

I know this thread was from 3 years ago but where can I add Google Analytics? I don't see it in the FreshDesk settings. Want to make sure our articles get indexed as well.


In the Freshdesk Admin settings go to the Apps option under Helpdesk Productivity category.

Here click on Get more apps and search for Google Analytics integration. Install it and put your tracking id as described in the instructions.

Btw, you can also add Meta Descriptions in the Solution articles to make sure Google Indexes them easily.

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Hello ,

We now have the ability to generate and submit sitemaps for the freshdesk site.

You can get more insights here. This'll be helpful for us to create Sitemap to allow search engines quickly crawl through pages resulting in better search engine rankings.



What plans is this feature available for?

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Hi Anuj,

It is available for all plans except Sprout . In case if you're on Estate/Forest plan, you'll have an option to pro-actively submit sitemaps for search engine optimisation.