Satisfaction Survey / email layout

  • 7 September 2012
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The formatting on the Satisfaction Survey seems to get messed up in the emails it's sent in. 

Sometimes the icons are on one side of the page and the text on the other or the first item will be centered and the others aligned to the left vertically.

We've tried including it automatically, agent selected and created a canned response - doesn't seem to make a difference.

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3 replies

We have to stop using it- too many customer complaints :(

Customers have reported format issues with the following email apps:

outlook 2007
outlook 2010

web mail-, gmail,    
Yes, layout is horrible.  They are obviously not checking browser compatibility.
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Sorry for the pretty late reaction to the post. If you're not aware of, we had the survey v2 released a year back with added set of features. Here's a link that gives you some insights on the newer version of satisfaction survey module.