Search Function needs to be fixed to support a lot of very logical searches

  • 28 November 2012
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Above the search box in the support site, our customers are told to "Start typing a question and see answers in real time".  This does not work very well.  Examples...
  1. I type "How do I add" and I get no results (see Help Desk.pdf attached)
  2. I type "add a photo" and I get no results (see Help Desk _ 2.pdf)
  3. I type "add a" and I get no results (see Help Desk _ 3.pdf)
  4. I type "add photo" and I get lots of results, including a result at the top that contains the string "add a photo"; this is the same string that returned no results in the first example above (see Help Desk _ 2.pdf)
This is clearly not working the way it should right now. In addition, if full questions are not supported, then definitely change the label at the top of the home page that says "Start typing a question and see answers in real time"

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10 replies

Hi Jay

We have some of the STOP WORDS in our SEARCH algorithm. Most of the characters/words like the, a, an, is, was,because are in STOP WORDS and hence they will not be available in SEARCH. If you're looking to use specific keywords, you can TAG your solutions with those keywords, which will show up in the search results.

We tried including some stop words, but it messes up the search, but we're working on Elastic Search, which is a real-time search component and we will try to address this as well


Last update 2 years ago. 
Can we get a status update on this? Seeing that the knowledge-base (solutions) is a large component of Freshdesk, I'd hope this has been resolved since the original post. 
However, I seem to be experiencing this exact issue described above. 


Hi FreshDesk Team,

Our Solutions section is having the same issue so I have to believe that is is not resolved. Can an update please provided to all of us? My team and our clients continue to have a difficult time finding articles by using the search function.



Ditto, still issues with Search not pulling up the most relevant content. 

Will there be any communication about this problem? Please let us know! Thank you.

Same issue here, broadly. The search is very literal and doesn't pick up on different forms of the same word, for example it doesn't see that "register" and "registering" should be considered equivalent.

Search is  not working at all for us, no autocomplete. No finding the titles of articles even when the works in the titles are also tags. Have had this as an open but for over 2 weeks, no solution and they closed the ticket on my behalf. I requested reopen. 

A year later and still having issues with the Search function. 

Often times I get content returned that has nothing to do with what I searched, or if I use tags they aren't recognized. What's the point of tags in that case?


Our apologies for the trouble caused here. 

We'll make sure to look into the ticket which you had raised and get this fixed as soon as possible for you.



Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share that we have recently rolled out a major enhancement to our search implementation involving substantial relevance improvements. We have designed this enhancement after carefully evaluating all the valuable feedback received and hope this enhancement considerably improves your search experience within Freshdesk, while we analyze further optimizations to the feature. Thank you for all your feedback!