Sort filtered tickets through the API

  • 11 October 2019
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We want to filter some tickets with the API and sort them based on a field other than created date.

We can see that this is not possible using /search/ in the API so we were wondering what the options are. To me it seems weird that to allow filtering but not sorting.

I found this old post:

And the solution is valid for us but is not working. I was able to get the results once but next call isn't working anymore.

Can we get the results of a view/filter we have created via API? The idea is to create a custom dashboard in a separate app that can be maintained by editing the filters used by that dashboard.

The current implementation of freshdesk uses its own API (different than the one available for developers) and this exists:

But obviously is not accessible for us. Is there the same call or a similar one available int he API?

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