Split ticket erases all CC information and does not move later replies into the new ticket

  • 27 August 2019
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Say a customer responds to a very old ticket, but this time they CC some colleagues. As an agent, I want to split the ticket at the point of the new message, and I expect the CC recipients from the new message to carry over to the new, split ticket. As of now this does not happen, and the split ticket has no CC recipients associated with it.

Also, as others have pointed out, I would expect for any other replies below the message that I split to carry over into the split ticket. As of now, only the single message you 'split' goes into a new ticket. Other replies below that message remain in the original ticket.

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1 reply

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Disregard my previous post. I just split a ticket a second time and the CC information carried over as expected. I'm not sure how to delete this post 樂