"This feature is not available for your plan" for Shared Ownership app

  • 12 April 2017
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This morning we attempted to enable the Shared Ownership app which was just released by Freshdesk itself but attempting to do so displays this error in a ribbon at the top of the screen:

"This feature is not available for your plan."

The page which talks about the new app explains that it is only available for the Estate plan or above, but we are currently on the Estate plan ourselves (I verified this through the Plans and Pricing page of our helpdesk.

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4 replies

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Hi Jared,

We're sorry to miss out on the update on your account. We noticed that the feature went missing due to a small glitch and were able to fix it in quick time. You should be able to enable this feature now on your account. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to drop us a comment on this thread.


Hello, we are getting the same message and would like to try the Shared Owndership App.

Thank you,


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We are currently having the same issue with our Estate plan

Hi Joe / Paula,

Could you please drop an email to 'support@freshdesk.com' with your account URL. We will enable the feature for your account and update you in the same email thread.