Updating custom field choices from webhooks

Hi there,

Please consider the following scenario.

Customers on the horizontal row are 'Providers', customers on the vertical column are 'Consumers'.

If looking at Provider Cust1, I can see this provider serves Consumers Cust4 and 5.

If looking at Consumer Cust4, I can see they consume services from Providers Cust1 and 2:


In an ideal world I would:
  • Set up Cust1,2,3,4,5,6 as FreshSales Accounts.
  • Add a custom field 'Type' that allowed choices 'Provider' and 'Consumer' to distinguish the Account customer types.
  • Add a second custom lookup field that referenced Accounts and allowed a multi select of choices.

Unfortunately a multi select lookup field is not available... :(

Can anyone please suggest a workaround for achieving this relationship between Account records?

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