Why is Freshdesk Support so HORRIBLE?

  • 26 February 2019
  • 9 replies

Seriously, I can't figure out why ANYBODY is using this service.  Am I missing something?  I can't possibly imagine actually giving this company any money. 

I try to use the chat... I wait 12 hours with no response.  I open up tickets... and they disappear.

Somebody please help me understand?

9 replies

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We're sorry about not-so-good experience so far, Craig. Not sure how it slipped by, the tickets have fallen into the spam queue.
We'll quickly analyse the issue and get back to you with an update shortly. 


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Glad that the issue with setting up the CNAME for your portal has been resolved. Is there anything else we can help you with?


Hi Craig,

Freshdesk support is the best I've experienced in evaluating potential help desk services. Direct contact with all persons who can help with problems. Very fast answers. This is exemplary and your statement does not match my experience.


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It can be hit or miss but I have had good luck with responses and such.  May not always like the answers though but they seem responsive.  

Are you guys really accessing freshdesk (www.freshdesk.com)? My experience is being a lot worse than OP's.

I have the same issues. Chat takes 6-12 hours for a response. Emails are returned in the middle of the night with less than coherent informaiton. I'm looking at other solutions, I'd pay more for a product with readily available support. 

My tickets also get deleted without any explanation.... :(

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Wow!  My experience with Freshdesk is completely different.  I start a chat and within 3 minutes it seems that I'm working with someone.  I get very good response on open tickets.  I do have a few open tickets but most of those were just minor bugs that we've found that they will work on but the impact to us is minimal.  

If I have a bigger issue, they work diligently to resolve it in a very timely manner.  Perhaps there is a setting issue with your account(s) that needs to be reviewed and resolved?

Hello, everyone. Hope you guys are holding up well during these extraordinary times.

I am really sorry if some of you guys might have had a bad experience with our support, but we really do strive to give our customers the best experience. Many things have changed since the inception of this thread and we have brought in several measures internally to be as quick and responsive as possible. Everything is a work in progress and we keep learning from our mistakes.

Thanks Christian, David and Paula. We are really humbled.