Asset import fails

  • 23 September 2014
  • 4 replies

I was able to do an import of my full list of assets one time, but it defaulted them all to the same CI Type.  I then split them up into separate CSV files according to type (which was tedious), but the imports now have 100% failure.  There is no reason given, so how can I go about fixing the problem?

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4 replies

Hi Aaron

I will convert this Post into a Ticket, so we can reach out to you and help you with a session, to fix this problem


I am having the same issue. My network probe put them all in as computers. I tried to split them and 100% failure on trying to import from CSV.

same problem here :/

Same problem here. Getting an Asset Type mismatch on a file import of 'Switches'. The CSV contains only switches and record 170 fails. Note that 169 is basically the same record and it does not fail. Something wrong here in the system