How many assets do I have left?

  • 14 March 2016
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Can I see how many assets I have left?

I am adding software to the CMDB and users are being allocated as assets using the CI. Due to the FreshService plan we are using our asset count is limited, so I need to make a judgement call on how far I can go with keeping track of how many computers/laptops are in the CMDB, what software is on them. Also, does software count against asset availability according to which plan we're using?

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9 replies


I have added the software to the CMDB. Still no clue how many assets we have left on our plan or whether I've used up any valuable allocation. I just need a number so that we can plan ahead. If we have more than 10 left that's not too bad but if we have say, 3 left, we need to rethink our asset management strategy.

Any update from FreshService? ...


We recently started using the CMDB and I was concerned as well about how many CIs I was using up.  Specifically when I started tracking software.  Here is what support told me about which CIs did not "use up" a license:

"The following are the CIs which are not chargeable Softwares, Consumables, Documents and Others."

Hope this helps.


That's just what I wanted to hear. Thanks for that.

You may want to reference this support article to view some additional information on managed assets.

So far I have been unable to find a way to view how many available assets you have remaining.  This should probably be a feature request. 

I have also not yet figured out is whether or not the Managed Asset count is a purely cumulative count based upon initial "enrollment" as a managed asset or if it is based upon the total "active" managed assets.   So if a managed asset is removed/decommissioned, does that free up an available slot to be used for a new asset?

If anyone can answer that, please reply and let me know.  Thanks!


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Sorry for not updating this thread earlier.

This seems to an important request and will definitely talk to my Team about the same and will try to bring out an update in the Product to list out the managed assets count.

Currently, we can try creating a filter in the assets section as shown in the below screenshot.


Just for the benefit, like to share what is included in the Managed asset, assets scanned through Probe and Agent is considered as a Managed asset and all the other assets would not tally against the managed ones.

I will move this topic to the Feature requests for a better visibility. 



any update on this?

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Hi Shane,    

As Raj suggested above, you could use the Asset View to filter the assets created by Agent/Probe which doesn't account for all your managed assets.     

We have also rolled out a beta version for SAM which facilitates you to manage your S/W however, it will not be counted as a managed asset.

Hope this helps.