Onboarding - Conditional Child Tickets Based on Build Kit Selection

  • 31 January 2023
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We are rolling out a new deployment of Fresh Service and are working on the Onboarding process.  How do we create a conditional child ticket?  IE, we use SAP, but not all users require SAP.  I have a Build Kit setup for SAP, and a Service Request object for SAP, but selecting the Build Kit for SAP does not automatically generate a child ticket for an SAP account creation.  So, what’s the point of the Build Kit?  Additionally, if I go to the Create Child Ticket section of the Onboarding it doesn’t look like I can specify conditions to trigger those tickets.  So, how do I go about creating a child ticket for SAP setup if our HR manager checks the option for SAP access?


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The Build Kit is the list of catalog items that can be associated with a child ticket.


Create a child ticket called “SAP Account Creation”.  Fill in the required fields (e.g. the group that will be assigned to the ticket, etc.).


At the bottom of the child ticket creation form, select the Build Kit item for SAP account creation and save the child ticket template (See below):

The condition for the creation of the child ticket is that the “SAP account creation” kit item was selected during the Onboarding Process.  If the item is selected, the child ticket will be created.  If the manager does not choose the SAP item, the child ticket will not be created.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation.  I wasn’t aware the logic was automatically built into the selection of the Build Kit.  Works great.  Thank you!!