Ability to change state in a freshdesk ticket

  • 30 August 2022
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Is there any way of removing the Customer responded state when all the cust has said is "thanks" etc?

I find I have to keep clicking on a case to check if they need to be replied to.

Our issue is with things that some groups (such as Developers) will keep in pending status (potentially for quite a long time) and which Support would keep an eye on in case the customer replies and needs a response.

At the moment, a "thanks" email will flag it as Customer Responded forever, meaning we have no way to know if a subsequent, more substantive response has arrived without clicking into the case.

I have seen Thank You Detector - however it looks to only deal with closed or resolved cases, which we would have no issue with as we can just close or resolve those again.

4 replies

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Hi @mymuk 


Greetings from the freshworks community!


I understand that some of the responses like ‘thank you’ don’t need a reply from the agent. However, these flags are generated by the system based on the actions performed. Unfortunately, as of now, we do not have an option to remove the system-generated flags as these are hard coded from the backend and will also impact SLA and other factors. As a suggestion, you can add an empty public note to the ticket to remove the “customer responded” state.


The feature release is a part of the road map, but we do not have any tentative ETA yet. We’ll share the details once there is some considerable progress :)

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Hey FreshDesk Team, do you have any update on this? Customers have been complaining about this for awhile, on several different forums threads. Please fix it. It’s very annoying. You need to add a way for us to manually clear the Customer Responded flag. Please listen to us.


@Aishvarya as for the workaround you’ve mentioned - creating an empty public note to the ticket.. I guess a customer will receive an empty e-mail from support, correct? Then this workaround is not helping at all.

If state where a condition in automations, this wouldn’t be a problem.
Any chance on that happening?