Ability to remove CSATs received but no correctly done (or to get the customer to modify it)

  • 7 January 2022
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Basically be able to remove or get the customer to edit it, if for example they chose red instead of green, they filled on the wrong ticket for a ticket still open etc...

4 replies

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Hello @ChrisVizlib,


At the moment, we do not support removing customer satisfaction ratings from tickets unless you delete such tickets. However, you can resend satisfaction surveys to override the previous survey response on the tickets. 

Feel free to drop a note here for any further assistance. :)



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Hello this won’t override it, only create a new one. In any case we should be able as Admins to decide on an admin level which ones are rubbish or keepers, without customer interaction.

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By the way. I used the link that was given to me to create a feature request, but this was just a question apparently, can you switch this to a Feature Request please.

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We understand your concern here, @ChrisVizlib

Your request is absolutely valid and you can definitely raise this as an idea so that other community members can also vote for this and bring attention to our product team.   


Thank you!