Activation Emails Not Going Out

  • 16 March 2017
  • 7 replies

Help i have a flood of people registering and not getting activation emails!

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7 replies

No one has any idea? I am evaluating this product and so far i'm not overly pleased having a problem like this right our of the gate.

Hi Kim, 

Sounds like there is an issue in the backend of your account. What plan are you on? 

Looking forward to your reply



I just hade the same problem when I imported 30 people from a csv-file.

I found out that if you go to Customers and stand on the Contacts tab you can make a choice to show all unverified Contacts, tick the "mark all box"  and then click the "Send activation email" - button.

I hope this helps you.

BR//Eva V, Systemstöd AB


Hi Kim,

It seems my last reply just vanished...

I just had the same problem as you when I imported 30 Contacts via CSV and I found that you can go via Customers, choose Showing = Unverified.

Tick the box field and press the button "Send activation email"

I hope this helps.

BR//Eva Systemstöd AB



Hello Kim,

We hope your issue was resolved on the ticket Please feel free to reach out to us anytime should you need any further assistance on this, we'd be glad to help you out.


Me, too. I am clicking the send activation email button and no activation emails are being sent, this includes one for my agent.

Hi Care 24/7 Support, Try looking in the trash folder first, most of the emails from FD ended up in our trash folders. If you write to FD support they will give you a list with IP-adresses that needs to be whitelisted on your server. Below is part of the reply I received. Hope this helps! Kindly share this with your IT team so that they will be able to clear the email queued in the servers. Also to avoid this queuing in the future please ask them to whitelist our email server's IP addresses in your servers so that mail communications will be hassle free.