Adding Solutions to Tickets

  • 8 June 2011
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How do I add a solution to a ticket if it doesn't appear as a suggested solution?  I've used all the same tags and it's just weird that it isn't showing up.

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8 replies

Hi Nikki,

"Adding a solution from tickets" has been taken up as feature and will be available soon. It will be somthing like this - When you want to reply to a ticket and if its not in the suggest solution option, automatically the conversation box will have an option "Save as solution draft", which you can enable and send the content as reply, also, this content will be saved as "solution draft" in the Solutions page. You may review it and publish it in the portal.


If you have any further suggestions, it would be helpful.


thanks and regards


This is great - exactly what I was looking for.  I would be very happy to know when this is actually implemented.



Adding a solution from a ticket is a nice feature, but for me, what matters is to add an existing solution to a ticket. How do I do this?


When I go to "Suggest Solutions" all I see is "No Solutions found", despite the solutions I've created.


Thanks is advance.

Hi Andre


Suggest Solution works for Keywords, which match in the Subject or Description of the tickets.

Are you saying, that the keywords match in the Ticket Subject or Description and still no Solution is shown - Is there any chance, you can give us some screenshots for this, so we can check it from our side and get it resolved.




Any updates on this feature?  I believe the ability to convert a solved Ticket into a solution is a huge value add.

Hi Atul

Just one more week :-)

We're going to be updating Freshdesk this weekend with whole new set of features and this is surely included in the list




OK Vijay, you said 1 more week on this back in February.  Where is it?  How do we use it?
Hi Guys

We launched the Ticket to Kbase feature, where just reply to a Ticket, with CC or BCC to and it will be created as a Draft in the solutions folder and then you can convert this as a Solution article.