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  • 10 March 2022
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I love using the team dashboard, but having a dashboard that was Agent centered would be Ideal

seeing how many tickets on an agent by agent basis and how many they have on hold and how many they’ve resolved would be magical.  Is this something that exists?


Would be an “admin” dashboard just to keep good tabs on the balance of things.

2 replies

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Hi @foxcubmama,

Thanks for your feedback. Glad you love our Team Dashboard feature:)

I understand that you wanted to have a Dashboard that displays the Ticket count based on the Ticket statuses. We have a feature on the Default Dashboard called Ticket Summary Metrics, which tells you how many tickets are currently being handled in your helpdesk. You can see the number of tickets in the following statuses - Unresolved, Overdue, Due Today, Open, On hold, and Unassigned, right at the top of the Dashboard for easy reference.

But I'm afraid that we wouldn't be able to have the same functionality in the Team Dashboard. I'm adding a few articles here that might help you for better context.


Default Dashboard:


Team Dashboard:

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No… I want to be able to see ticket counts based on the Agent

like this information for each agent separately:

Buttercup - 24 Open, 23 on-hold, etc.

Westley - 32 open, 24 of which are new quotes, etc

Inigo - 54 open, 24 closed today, etc