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  • 5 April 2022
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Good morning all.


Looking at the new AHT enhancement to be released on Freshdesk it would appear to be a global on/off switch, is it likely it could be configured down to group or even ticket level?


We are rather unique users of Freshdesk so this may seem an odd request, but it could work extremely well for one kind of ticket we raise, but not for all of them


Cheers in advance



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Hi @Steve C ,

Welcome to Freshworks Community :)

The Average Handling Time (AHT) feature is something that can be enabled on ticket level not on groups. It is a metric that defines the total time you spend on tickets.

It's a stopwatch that automatically starts when you visit an assigned ticket, stops each time you move away from the ticket and continues whenever you revisit the ticket. Available from Pro and above plans

Kindly refer to this article for more information: Average Handling Time for Time Tracking- Click here

Here’s to you
Vidya D