Any way to get a Email Message-ID via API?

  • 24 September 2021
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Is there any way to get the Message-ID of a particular inbound email via the API?

We have an add-in in FD that calls our NLP and RPA service to receive information on a particular ticket.  Our system gets a copy of the email from the server and our add-in needs to lookup on our server using the Message-ID to find the relevant data.


example Message-ID: 16D101B2BAD9744E91645834BFE9F52D032CFB36D5@aaa.bbb.ccc 




2 replies

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Hi @Brendan May 


Greetings from Freshworks Community. 


In regards to your query of fetching the Message ID inside Freshdesk, I am afraid that it isn’t possible as Freshdesk do not have the ability to get the Original Email headers of an Email.  


I hope that clarifies. 

Thanks for the reply.  Not having access to the Original Email Headers is a pretty significant limitation for a market leading tool claiming to be better a managing emails than Outlook.


Not having access to the headers really limits the ability of integrated apps to automate processes without being able to access the unique ID.  Perhaps it is an improvement that should be considered, since this is possible with most other ticketing / CRM / contact center or messaging services.