API, listing all agents, included contact, whats the Id?

  • 29 December 2016
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When listing all agents, data returned includes, contact, but no Id. Further more, when trying to find such Agent.contact in records returned from /api/v2/contacts, many are not found. It's as if Agents.contact are missing from Contacts, yet clearly the schema of Agent.contact is identical to Contact.

1. Is it possible to get the Agent.contact.id ? Or should I just use Agent.id? Are these ids disjoint or overlapping?
2. Should I just create records in Contacts for each Agent as needed using Agent.id as the Contact.id ?

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2 replies

Hi Juan,

Sorry about the late response. In Freshdesk if you want to create an agent via API, you first create a contact and then convert it into an agent. The ID remains the same i.e Agent.ID and agent.contact.id are the same.

Could you give an example where the agent JSON is missing the contact portion? We can investigate that for you.

So what are the names I can use?