API V2 and Ticket Filters

  • 2 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I've switched all my use of the FreshDesk API over to V2 except for the need to get tickets based on filters.  I have a bunch of apps that use tickets retrieved by the 10 digit ID.

When will V2 let me retrieve tickets using such filters?


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2 replies

Sorry for the late response.

The current plan is to not allow retrieval based on view ID, but to allow users to construct filters using the API. This is something that we are working on, but I don't have a current ETA right now.

I would prefer constructing filters in the API.  More efficient and powerful.  Good idea.

As long as you don't remove the ability to use existing filters in V1 until then, I'm good.

(So, when are you going to add indentation to the note/email editor in tickets?  Not having that requires that I use Gmail to construct my notes and email and then pasting them into the email or note.)

Thank you!