attachment limit 15MBs warning when emailing

  • 13 November 2015
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 Is it possible to show in the ticket the agent receives a warning when a customer tried to attach a file bigger than the upload limit?

When creating a ticket in the form, the user sees this.
But when a user is sending an email with an attachment (we receive 80% of our tickets this way) and the attachment is too big the customer had no clue. And our agents who receive the ticket see no attachment, and no sign there was ever an attachment there.

Is it possible to show the agent the customer tried to upload an attachment, but it was too big?

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When an email contains an attachment of more than 15 MB,The email will be converted as a ticket successfully with a message as shown in the screenshot below indicating that the attachment is dropped.

If it is not happening, There could be a possibility in your email server forwarding the email to freshdesk forwarding address.



I know. I've seen that.
But now I receive complaints about some people which are telling me they have send an email.
We did never ever receive those. (probably because of the size limitation)

And we receive email in which people refer to an attachment which is not there. No indication about the exceeded size limit however.
I will check my forwarding account. But nothing has changed there and it worked in the past.


We have experienced the same issue. No notification on either end - the sender does not receive a bounceback, no email at all comes into the Freshdesk system.

No ticket created, no idea a customer sent us a message.


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Hello Carrie,

That's so unfortunate. We'll create a support ticket for this issue and get in touch with you soon.



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If the email has multiple attachments and if they contribute to more than 20MB in size, one or more attachments would be discarded with an warning message on the ticket as seen in the pic. However, if the entire email size ( attachments + text ) is more than 30MB , the email might be rejected as the maximum size of an email that can be parsed is 30MB.


Trying to add a comment - is this thread moderated?


Sorry if this is posted twice. I posted a reply and don't see it here.

I appreciate that Freshdesk does not accept large attachments. Lots of systems reject large attachments. The difference is that these systems also NOTIFY you when an attachment doesn't go through.

Our email system generates a bounceback when file size is exceeded. In Freshdesk, neither the customer nor the help desk is notified.

This is horrible from a customer service point of view. From our customers' perspective, we never responded to their request. But we never got it. Nor any indication that a request was ever sent.

I am not asking for the huge attachments to go through. What would be great is if either the customer or the help desk could be informed that the email was not delivered.

Thank you


Thank you for the response. I appreciate that the Freshdesk software rejects files over a certain size. Our email system does as well.

The problem is that NO ONE IS NOTIFIED. Our helpdesk never receives any indication that a customer sent and email, and the customer does not get a bounceback that the email didn't go through.

So from a customer service point of view, we simply never respond to the customer's query. That is terrible customer service.

Our email system creates an "undelivered" message when a message with overly large attachments is sent. That way our customers know their email did not go through.

We don't need large attachments to go through. We simply need to be notified that an email has been rejected. Either within our Freshdesk system or with a bounceback to the customer.


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Hello Carrie,

Yes, the forum threads are actively moderated by us . This is done to avoid excess spam posts that might dilute the valid suggestions/posts by our users.

We were earlier using a third party service provider to receive and parse incoming emails and due to the limitation of the system, we were unable to send bounce back messages. We've now modified the logic on how the incoming emails are parsed and have included our own logic wherein the bounce backs are sent as soon as the email gets dropped. 

Here's the screenshot of the bounce back message received in the support mailbox for an email that exceeded the max.size limit :



Thanks for the response - we were not previously noting any bouncebacks in our tests. We will try again!

It will be wonderful if this is working.



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Sure,Carrie. Awaiting your reaction on this :) 


TWO thumbs up!!!! If I had more thumbs, I'd add those as well. Problem resolved. Thank you so much for your support on this one.


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Thanks ,Carrie. Couldn't resist sharing this after seeing your comment :)


LOL! Thanks again - you guys are awesome!



I have read all the above i can see the progress with this problem.
However i think there is still an issue outstanding.

in a scenario
customer sends an email with multiple attachments,
total of all attachments larger then 20MB 
each attachment individually smaller then 20 MB

freshdesk email parser randomly deletes files to make the total smaller then 20MB then creates a ticket 

with a message to the agent 

One or more attachments discarded since the 20 MB limit was exceeded.

customer receives absolute NO indication.

when "agent" replies back explaining that NOT all the files are received .

customer just sends all the files in again and again system deletes few.

My suggestion,

create a ticket as it is done as per the scenario or create a ticket with NO attachments.

Bounce back an email error to the sender, (customer) explaining that attachments are NOT delivered due to limit and send smaller files.

and do this automatically for every email where the total size is larger then what ever you guys can process.

on a NOTE:

mainstream email client that offers email attachments are NOT beyond 25MB.  Outlook,20MB, Yahoo and Gmail limit the attachments to 25MB,  Russia’s Yandex only goes up to 30MB. (PS Gmail incoming limit is now 50MB)

So if you can process 25MB that covers almost all teh current mainstream players, if you can do 30 you will probably cover %80~%90 of all our clients.


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Hi Frank,

Thanks for your detailed explanation. Much appreciated. 

We've already taken these into consideration for future enhancements and I'll update this thread in case if there are any developments on this regard.