Auto reply not working on some rules

  • 14 January 2022
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We have created 20 auto reply rules for 20 separate client support emails.  The rules are identical and were originally cloned.  8 of the 20 auto reply rules don’t send the response.  We tried deleting them and recreating them to be safe but still these same 8 auto reply rules don’t send.  We’ve checked other rules and there is nothing that looks like it would conflict with the auto reply rules. 

Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot more?

1 reply

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Hello @Haykyn, good day! We reckon a few rules you’ve set up in your account is not sending out auto-replies. As far as we have seen, there are a few initial checks we could do here: 


  1. If you have set up ticket creation automation rules, can you check if you have ‘First’ or ‘All matching rules’ is enabled. 
Rule Execution Type


  1. Can you navigate to a specific ticket, click on ‘Show activities’ and see if the rule has run in the ticket? If not, kindly DM us your account details and we’d be glad to have this checked for you. Have a good day!