Auto update dashboard and ticket screen

  • 23 September 2013
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Is it possible to auto update the dashboard and the ticket screen ?

Or do I have to manually refresh to see new tickets ?

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2 replies

Hi Soren

Dashboard cannot be auto-refreshed for now, but we show the latest activity, i.e. You will see the feeds that take place once a minute.

Ticket view cannot be refreshed automatically but we will bring this feature soon


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Hi Soren,

Sorry that we have missed to update this thread. Posting this for wider audience : 

Auto refresh is enabled by default and available for all plans. 

Please wait for 30 seconds upon loading the ticket list page for the notification to appear in case of any new tickets / updates.

The notification about new tickets or updates to existing tickets will be displayed automatically without having to refresh the page.The agent then has to click on the notification to reload the view.