Automation triggers for ticket updates not showing all custom fields

  • 1 March 2022
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In the FreshDesk automations for ticket update you can set triggers based on many fields being changed. Some of the fields eligible to be used in the trigger include custom fields but not all custom fields are included, what determines if a custom field can be used in the ticket update automation rules?

In this case ‘Order’ is a text based non-conditional field

it is available for use in the automation rules for ticket creation  

But it does not appear in the list of trigger events


2 replies

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Hello @LorneH, good day to you! I see you are trying to set up time triggers but you are not able to find  a field based on which the rule would run. I see order is a text field and as of now you, you would not be able to choose single line text fields while setting up time triggers. 


Instead, you can set up a ticket creation automation rule that sets any field to a value when ‘Order’ is X and use the other field to set up a time trigger rule. 


Do you think that would be helpful? 


I see you are trying to set up time triggers

No, this is not a time trigger but an event trigger about the field being updated; however, your answer is probably still what I need, “You can’t use free text fields as part of the trigger rules in ticket updates”

So the approach would be to create a rule that runs on every ticket update that says “if ‘order’ is not blank and there is no tag of ‘Order Number Provided’ add a tag ‘Order Number Provided’ and then have a second rule based on a trigger of ‘if tag is added’ 

I’ll give that a try but fairly sure there will be an issue with the trigger based on the action above being listed as performed by ‘System’ and not the Agent or Requester.