Change the "Agent" Label

  • 17 October 2022
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Anyone know how to change the label “Agent” to something else? Normally, I wouldn’t care about this, but I work in real estate so our “agents” are actually our users. We’d prefer it be labeled “technician” or similar to avoid confusion.


Best answer by RS_Marcus 18 October 2022, 08:34

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3 replies

I believe under Admin - Ticket Fields - Agents, you can change the text for customers, but internally in Freshdesk its still used as agents.


@RS_Marcus thanks for the quick reply. The customer-facing portal already shows “Assigned to” for the agent field. In any case, I think we have a workaround for this. We implemented SSO for our Azure tenant to bypass the screen that says “login as customer” or “login as agent.”

According to where the agent section is placed, the entire pipeline, or a specific stage, will run in the Jenkins environment. Stage-level usage of the section is optional, but it must be defined at the top-level inside the pipeline block.