client can't add cc...

  • 29 January 2013
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during the live of a tick, a client canot add a "cc" to his email back to support.

for some reason, if the cc'd address was not on the original email that had created the ticket, freshdesk loose it.. only cc add by agent are used.

This is not going to fly.


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2 replies

Yup, we've got this problem too. The client can add an email address as cc but no emails are generated when the ticket is updated for the cc'd address. I'm not sure about the 'only cc add by agent are used'. I don't have that functionality - as an agent i only have 'add watcher' - which is only another agent.

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Hey guys,

Sorry for not updating you over here. 

This issue has been fixed and should be working fine now.

Let me know if someone is still facing this problem.