• 19 September 2019
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How do you find and remove duplicate contacts?

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3 replies

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Not that easy, and depends which fields you use in contacts. Duplicate email addresses is not possible. I would export all contacts to Excel, and then (depending on the available information) create a few additional fields (such as surname) and then use a pivot table to find duplicates. 

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Hello Wally,

Have you tried to merge these duplicate contacts?

Click on the Contacts icon from the navigation bar on the left to see the complete list of your contacts. Open the contact that you want to merge the other contacts into and click on the Merge button on the action bar. In the Merge Contact slider window, search and select the duplicate contact that needs to be merged with this contact. After merging, one contact will be marked as the primary contact. Merging will also move all the tickets, notes and contact information from the secondary contact(s) into the primary contact. You can read more about merging contacts here.

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Yes, my answer was how to find them, and Karthik (correctly) added the part about removing which I had forgotten to answer.