Creating contacts always says Another contact exists with the same email

  • 22 July 2019
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We have a weird issue trying to create a new contact for a
customer and wondering what factors would need to be involved for this to


I cant give examples or screenshots here without divulging customer info but when trying to create the contact we enter a full name, email, click Save and under the email it shows 'This value is already in use' and at the top it states Another contact exists with the same email.

None of the customers we are trying to create exist in any way that we have the ability to search. I have used the solutions found such as converting to an agent as well as adding dummy emails and the same thing occurs. We were find last week, this issue only started today.

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1 reply

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Is it possible that this email address is in the list of deleted contacts? These don't show up in lists when searching or exporting contacts.