Custom portal and CSS - What are you doing?

  • 4 March 2013
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Sorry but we are waiting for this

And I read:

Vijay on Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 2:32 PM
Sorry Guys

I promise - 1 More month :)

Almost done with the work


One month? from October? And do you close the post for more comments? :-\ 
And this is the way to maintain the relationship with your customers?
Can you update us about the situation? 

And what is this?

Nothing about this new feature?

Guys, tell us something.

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7 replies

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Hey Alessio,

First off, I would like to apologize for making you wait this long. I understand it is totally not fair on our part. 

Our team has been working hard round the clock to give life to the full CSS customization feature. We had promised One month in October because we were really positive about the progress and were expecting to get it out sooner. But lot of technical difficulties kept pushing the date further down. 

But now, I can give you my final word that this feature is just a WEEK away from seeing the light. No, this is not a false promise, I can assure you that :) Please bear with us till then. 

And regarding the blog, it is more like a prelude for the CSS launch. 

I specially thank you for being so active in our forums and voicing your opinions. Your suggestions and inputs are really valuable for our growth. 

Thanks again!


Annapoorna V thanks for answer and acknowledgments

i did'nt want to be polemical, only have a precise answer!

Thanks for all.

Good work!

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Anytime Alessio. :) It's my pleasure to try and give you an answer(with precision, hopefully ;) ) to all the questions you have. 

Thanks again!


Hi Annapoorna

I've also been waiting for this feature for a very long time. On the 4th of March you said that it was your final word that it was definitely coming out a week from then. Well that is tomorrow. 

Is it going to be released tomorrow? Or are you going to push it back further again?



This would be extremely helpful - like the others, I'm curious about news on this?

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Really sorry guys. We had to run some final performance tests and hence the release is pushed further down by a week. 

Hey Guys,

Its being rolled out by this weekend :)

Hope to see some smiley faces