Deleted Contacts and new tickets?

  • 11 July 2014
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I have seen related tickets, but still have an issue ....

Authorised customers and their staff are always subject to turnover. Those contacts who leave need to be deauthorised from helpdesk access. I have no problem with the Freshdesk model of archiving rather than actually deleting customer contacts - that seems sensible.

The issue is when a previously archived user comes back and subsequently sends an email to create a ticket. Freshdesk will not send them acknowledgement of the ticket as it matches their address to the 'deleted' account. So the user does not get any response. The ticket is swallowed into the 'spam' folder, so agents don't know it has arrived.

Is there a solution to this scenario? Can't see any way to get dispatch'r to trigger any notifications based on 'spam' flag? Some kind of alert to the user or agent would avoid lots of hassle.

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2 replies

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Hello Kent,

Sorry for leaving this topic in the dark for a very long time. Though there is no direct method to achieve this, you can still add a custom property to the contact before deletion. You could then use this property in the Dispatchr rule to automatically send an email to the customer when he sends an email to the helpdesk.

Here's how you can setup the Dispatchr rule :

Conditions : Requester <custom field> is "deleted"

Actions : Send email to requester 


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You'd now be able to permanently delete a contact in Freshdesk. Read this article to know more about the feature.

You can also permanently delete contacts via API. Once deleted, all contact-related information like tickets, to-dos, satisfaction survey ratings, etc. would be wiped off from Freshdesk.