Deleted contacts won't hard delete

  • 19 December 2018
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 I have several contacts that I've tried to 'hard delete' with no luck. I have one in particular that I had a problem with so tried to delete and then hard delete because I need to reuse his email. I've been able to hard delete other contacts using the front end, but this one seems to be a troubled record. I have tried using the API, I get no error result back, but the contact remains. I tried issuing an invalid contact ID and did get a response that the key was not found (the correct response).

I have tried to restore this contact and I can get it back on my normal contacts list, but if I try to view or do anything at all with it I get a message "Contact inaccessible, being deleted.".

I seem to have found a state of funk from which this contact cannot be pulled from. In the meantime, I need to get him registered as an Agent and I can't get that done.


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15 replies

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Hello Brian,

We heard from a few other customer as well that they are unable to access a few contacts. The error that shows up indicates that the contact deletion is in progress. On an ideal scenario, it shouldn't take longer than a hour depending upon the queue but last week was an exception. We noticed that the number of contacts to be deleted were queueing up for days and making these contacts inaccessible from the UI. 

Could you please check if the contact has been deleted and if you're able to add the email as an agent in your helpdesk?


No, I'm afraid there's been no change. I still have 5 pending deletion, including the one that I'm concerned about as I need to use his email address, the ID is 43021945303. I also tried again to delete one of them using the API and was not successful, although no error was returned.

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@Brian That's so unfortunate! Let me check on how quickly we can get this done for you.


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@Brian Can you please check if you're able to add the email as an agent in your helpdesk?


YES! that did the trick. Thanks so much!


I have the same issue. I deleted permanently a contact and now I try to add him as agent and I cannot.

Do you know how it could be resolved quickly? 



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Hello Manon,

Would you be able to share the contact ID of the user so that we can see if we can change his profile to an agent?


Same, I'm in the process of creating a REST API Script to import our Contacts to Freshdesk. so at the moment I'm testing, adding 5-10 contacts, then making sure all the data is properly imported. if not, making changes and force deleting and re-importing.

But this is not working because the for deleted contacts with email addresses create conflicts. It's been 12+ hours and they're still listed under deleted contacts and show "Contact inaccessible, being deleted." when clicked on.

Hello Aravind, 

Where can I find the ID? 



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@Marc It depends on the number of jobs queued for contact deletion. We're working on an enhancement that'll speed up things so that you'll get at least an estimate of the deletion process.

@Manon, You can obtain the contact id from the page URL. Check the address bar and you'd see an url similar to this -


It has been 2 weeks since I can't add the agent. 

As the user is still being deleted I cannot give you the ID. 

Could you please give me a solution asap. 

I finally succeed to find the ID. It's 9033759106. 

Please undo the deletion so I can add the agent. 

Thanks for your action. 


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@Manon, Can you please check if you're able to add the email as an agent now?


I still can't. 

The ID is 9033759106.


I please need help deleting a contact (2043021586748).

I need to add the person as an agent - tried to convert - then tried to delete - when I try to work with the contact now I get a "Contact inaccessible, being deleted' message. (This message has been there for a while now).