Dispatch'r and admin/automations/ticket_creation are duplicate functionality?

  • 12 September 2022
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I have just confirmed with support that there is zero difference between Dispatch’r and admin/automations/ticket_creation. As a new user I find it really confusing that there are two parts of the application that do identical things.

If the product roadmap going forward is to keep the Admin → Automations screen (and treat Dispatch’r as old) then please consider:

  • Working with existing users to migrate their existing Dispatch’r logic into the new view and letting them know where to find this logic
  • Hiding the Dispatch’r UI from new users who don’t have any rules set up and won’t miss it’s absence (as they can already do everything they wanted to do with Dispatch’r in Admin → Automations)

Many thanks


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Hi @HVA 


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


Freshdesk automations have gone through a major revamp last year. Admins can now set up Dispatch'r, Supervisor, and Observer rules under one single module. You will be able to find all your Dispatch'r rules under 'Ticket creation', Supervisor rules under 'Time triggers' and Observer rules under 'Ticket updates'. 


Solution article in detail for your reference:


Hope this clarifies :)