Don't Support Freshdesk As They Facilitate Criminals

  • 6 January 2014
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I contacted Freshdesk support alerting them to a pharmacy spammer using their services.

The site in question is and operates all its illegal business correspondence using freshdesk(

A goverment body legitscript has labelled a illegal rogue pharmacy, commiting federal crimes.

How does freshdesk respond to this.

1) Does nothing

2) Deletes

3) Deletes my post and bans me from posting on this forum

4) Reinstates

I am lost for words how irresponsibile Freshdesk is in continuing to knowingly facilitate criminals , I'll be contacting CEO Girish Mathrubootham (@mrgirish,girish1) and freshdesks domain Registrar: ENOM, INC, to let them know about how they are happy to facilitate criminals and also how freshdesk's Vijay Shankar has handled this situation.


"Any suspected fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity that may be
grounds for termination of Your use of Service, may be referred to
appropriate law enforcement authorities"

"These TOS shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware without regard to the principles of conflicts of law."

eNom has actively combated illegal online pharmacies
through a multi-faceted approach and extensive collaboration with
Internet leaders and law enforcement officials.

eNom is a founding member of the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP), whose mission is to promote safe online pharmacies, and has an active member representative on the board of CSIP.Working diligently and pro-actively with LegitScript,
the leading source of Internet pharmacy verification, eNom identifies
customers violating our terms of service by operating illegal online
pharmacies and takes them offline. As a result of this partnership, we
have developed an aggressive policy that has led to an exemplary process
and success rate in combating “rogue” Internet pharmacies.Thousands of illegal online pharmacies have been shut down by eNom over the past few years. An independent study
conducted by academic researchers concluded that our relationship with
LegitScript has had the “noticeable effect” of removing a high
percentage of these rogue pharmacy domain names from eNom's systems and
the Internet.

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4 replies

Hi User

We as a provider are not supposed to go and cancel and account, that violates our TOS.

We can only raise the issue to the customer, which I've done and informed the owner of that Freshdesk portal that they're violating some details and we've asked them to look into this.

If we close their account without informing or without any verifications, its a violation of our TOS. We cannot directly close someone else account, by one user complaint, although we do take this seriously and we've raised it to them


Hi Alexsky

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We have noted your original post earlier and have started investigating the matter. The post is available here -

We have neither deleted the post or banned you from the forum as you have stated. (Why would we do that? We are thankful that you are bringing this to our notice and we love our customers who care about us)

In this case mymodafinil is also a paying customer and we have to ensure that we have ascertained the facts before we conclude whether they are guilty or not. We have also made an attempt to contact them to see if they have a response to this. 

I want you to understand that we are a technology platform like Salesforce or Google and we do not know what our customers are using the platform for. However if we know that someone is using freshdesk for illegal activities we will immediately suspend the account as it is a violation of our terms of service. 

I request you to allow us reasonable time to collect information regarding this case before we can act on this. In the meanwhile any additional info that you can give us regarding this case will be helpful.(like the spam email that you sent) 

Also it will be helpful if you can share your contact info via a support ticket so that one of our support engineers can talk to you to collect more info. (Because we are only seeing a fake profile here and we understand your need to be anonymous but at the same time we have to ensure that this is not being done due to some personal or business enmity) This whole online pharmacy business is new to us and we are trying to understand the facts and make an informed decision.

Thanks for your help, understanding and patience


Girish Mathrubootham

CEO - Freshdesk

Buying drugs on their site emails using

You really should of stopped this criminal activity as soon as I told you!


One more thing to note here is all the communication happening is from different email addresses, so this also gives us some suspicion that USER who raised it might be SPAM. You can understand our concern too, as this Ticket was created by, Forum Post by and Now this reply

Anyhow, we've suspended their account and it cannot send/receive any email, once we get a proper proof from them, that they're a legitimate business, we will enable their account, otherwise, it will be deleted in 10 days.