Duplicate tickets with Distribution Groups

  • 9 February 2022
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So I am relatively new with Freshdesk.  I have found that if my support email is within a distribution group and someone emails that distribution group a ticket will eb created (As I would expect).  The challenge is that when someone else in that distribution group replies, a new ticket is being created each time.  So for my case I have a ALL group that is frequently used to send notifications to all employees.  When employee A sends the first email it works as expected.  A ticket is created in FD, and that employee is set as the client.  The issue comes into play when Employee b responds.  When that occurs, a new ticket is created. So if Employees B,C,D,E,F all reply, is will cause there to be 6 independent tickets created in FD.


This also happens with when the ALL group is CC’ed on a reply in a ticket.  Any reply back is creating a new ticket.

0 replies

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