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While I am enjoying FreshDesk as I evaluate it, I am surprised at some basic usability issues (given that it is a mature, well-funded app).


Case in point, editing the title of a ticket could be a more streamlined. I do this quite frequently and find it frustrating. Here’s what I would like to see.

  1. In a list of ticket allow “in place” editing of the title, without having to open the ticket. This could be as simple as a small “pencil” icon, to edit. Columns like Agent are editable in the list, so I am not sure why the title can’t be.
  2. Similarly, when I have a ticket open I’d like to be able to edit on the form itself, instead of the three dots (which already de-emphasizes a common option) → Edit Ticket Details → <Make my change> → Save

These are not showstoppers for me but, for a pretty common task, the number of steps required to make these changes is worrisome in terms of some other usability issues I might find as I explore more.


PS: Of course, I’d like to learn that I have simply missed a quick way to edit the title :)


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Hi @markwill!


What I can tell you is, you’ll find a pencil icon right on the edge of the ticket view box, opposite to the title, which opens up the same panel as going through the longer path you’ve mentioned.


Additionally, I think you’ve a great idea there in trying to bring the editing option out on the list view. I’d recommend submitting an idea at our Ideas section to see who else feels the same way -- we just might grab enough attention to get this on the tool!

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@ThatCommunityGuy, thank you for the response. The pencil icon was what I was after.


Since I am writing about this, I think there are two issues with the way this is implemented.

  • I am not sure if this is intended, but the icon is only visible on hover, which means I had no idea existed before you mentioned it.
  • The location is somewhat inconsistent, to me. The change being made (editing the title for the ticket as a whole) means I’d expect to see that alongside the title itself. Instead it seems to be associated, in terms of horizontal alignment, with a specific reply.

The hover-only behavior and (to my mind) somewhat illogical horizontal location means this feature has some discoverability issues (as illustrated by my posting this question :)).


Thank you again.