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  • 15 August 2014
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Has anyone been able to embed a support ticket form within their site? I know you can do this with the feedback widget code, but I don't see that option for the support ticket. We have a support page within our web app and would prefer not to send the user outside of the app in order to submit a support ticket. 

Thanks in advance for the help!


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7 replies

Hi Andy,

As mentioned by Mathias, you can use the Feedback Widget to set your Ticket form Freshdesk. 

Now there is a Popup Type Widget and an embed widget which will allow your users submit tickets from your web app.

Thanks you Mathias and Arjun. That answers my question.

Hi, Could I please extend this question? Can you use a different form for each product created in the system? Or is there just one embed form for everything?

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Right now, the Feedback widget form is universal and would reflect the ticket fields you've created under Admin>>Ticket Fields. 

This cannot be customised for each product portal you create. But you can always make use of the New Ticket form which can be customised using Portal Customisation feature.

Let me know if you have more questions around this, Scott.


Thanks, I have checked out the API and we will just create our own forms and push the data in.

Can the Embedding of customer support ticket be done on our own wesbite, if we are using the Sprout Plan? If not, what plan enables us to do this?

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The embed form is available under Admin -> Feedback widget section and it is a common feature across plans.