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  • 21 October 2019
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We have 2 different products (Typical Manager and BeeFinity) and want to separate the tickets from each other. Now I have done that: 

<div class="c-wrapper">
<section class="content min-height-on-desktop rounded-6 ticket-page">
<div class="start-topic">
<a class="make-new-ticket" href="/en/support/tickets/new">New ticket</a>

<div class="ticket-toolbar pull-right start-topic">
<a class="hide" data-submit-label="{% translate %}" data-target="#export-modal"
href="{{%20portal.ticket_export_url%20}}" id="ticket-export-button" rel="freshdialog"
title="{% translate %}">{% translate %}</a>

{% if portal.facebook_portal %}

<a class="btn btn-primary index_new_ticket" href="{{%20portal.new_ticket_url%20}}" id="new_support_ticket">{% translate facebook_tab.portal.new_ticket %}</a> {% endif %}

<div class="ticket-filter" id="ticket-filter-container">
{% snippet ticket_filters %}

<div id="ticket-list">
<div class="c-list">
{% for ticket in tickets %} {% if == "Typical Manager Support" %}

<div class="c-row c-ticket-row">
<span class="status-source sources-detailed-portal" title=" {{ticket.source_name}} "></span>
<span class="label-status-pending label label-small">{{ticket.requester_status_name}}</span>

<div class="ticket-brief">
<div class="ellipsis">
<a class="c-link" href="{{ticket.portal_url}}" title="test">{{ticket.subject}}</a>

<div class="help-text">
Made on <span class="emphasize">{{ticket.created_on}} Agent: {{}}</span>
{% endif %} {% endfor %}


but now the filter does not work the way I want. If I use the filter, it will still show all tickets.

Someone who knows what I can do about this?

I have a video of the problem:

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