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  • 27 October 2018
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Hello Dear Freshdesk Team,

I would like to filter and retrieve all created tickets from the previous day, in our company time zone.

The problem is that the timeZone is not available in the filter tickets API.

I cannot add in my query string something like :

timeZone: 'time_zone:%27Chennai%27'

 As a workaround,  I retrieve the 2 previous days in the same query, by doing something like:

(created_at:>'2018-10-25' AND created_at:<'2018-10-26')

Then I have to filter in my script each ticket based on the created_at value, because the date format is limited to YYYY-MM-DD for the filter ticket api.

Also, the ticket filter API is limited to 30 results per page with a maximum of 10 pages, meaning that I need to perform several requests if my results count is higher than 300 tickets (we are close to this number actually).

Is there a way to retrieve the tickets that I need in a single request ? What are you thinking about implementing the timezone feature in the filter ticket api ?

Thanks for your help.

Have a good day

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