Forward from Email using Mobile Email Broken

  • 22 October 2014
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Presently if I forward an email sent to me personally using my desktop mail client (Thunderbird) to the support email, it converts it into a ticket and correctly puts the correct requester.

However, if I use my Android phone to forward the same email to the same address, it will put me as the requester. Obviously the android client is not adding the email in an expected format.

To replicate: -

  * Using an android device, with the built in mail application, forward a mail from an agent email to the support email

Expected results: -

  * Ticket created with requester set as the original poster

What happens instead: -

  * Ticket created with requester set as the agent themselves

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1 reply

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This is because when you forward the email via an Android device, the necessary header information to get the requestor data is not present in the right format. 

We will raise it internally and see what can be done about this in our future updates. Sorry for the limitation at the moment.