Freshdesk and phone calls

  • 19 August 2019
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I would like to ask about the implementation of phone calls to Freshdesk. Is it possible to connect directly via VoIP? If so, can anyone please send me how to do it? For explanation, we have our own PBX (MyPBX U100), which we need to connect to Freshdesk to pick up calls to support. However, we are not sure whether Freshdesk supports VoIP or whether it is possible to create a ticket using the API at least based on phone calls. Do you have any experience with this, or could you send me some examples how to solve this problem? I know about Frescaller, but we don't want to use their virtual PBX.


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1 reply

Freshdesk really only offers their Freshcaller as a solution to this issue. The best possible solution I could think of is to program something to transfer the audio files from your U100 and use a post call to attach them to a ticket or create a new ticket entirely. Maybe some sort of custom ticket submission web page geared around your phone system?

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